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Juil 25

New paper in Brain, Structure and Function

Congratulations to Clémentine, who just got a paper accepted in Brain, Structure and Function: Anatomo-Functional Correspondence in the Superior Temporal Sulcus. See the publications section.

Juil 16

New paper in Neuroimage: Clinical

We have a new paper out in Neuroimage: Clinical, presenting  a meta-analysis of DTI in Parkinson’s disease. This is the result of a collaboration with Cyril Atkinson-Clement and Serge Pinto, from the Laboratoire Parole et Language, and Alexandre Eusebio from INT. See the Publications section.

Fév 04

New paper in Journal of Neuroscience

A new paper has been accepted in Journal of Neuroscience, from our long-lasting collaboration with Bill Hopkins. The paper establish a difference in depth within the central sulcus between chimpanzees that are able to produce attention getting (AG) sounds and those which cannot produce such sounds. An heritability study shows that such difference is the …

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Jan 10

Two papers accepted at the ISBI 2017 conference

MeCA will present two papers at the ISBI 2017 conference in Melbourne, Australia, April 18-21. One paper is by Lucie Thiébaut, on the projection of fMRI data on the cortical surface, the other is a collaboration with Yann Leguen and Vincent Frouin, from the Neurospin center, and is about the genetics of sulcal pits. See …

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