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Jan 07

A whole new bunch of publications !

Several papers have been published in 2020 without being announced here. See the list on publication sections !

Fév 22

New publication

Some members of MeCA are part of the PRIMatE Data Exchange (PRIME-DE) Global Collaboration Workshop and Consortium, and are coauthor of the recent paper published in Neuron and presenting the future of the PRIME-DE initiative. See the Publications section.

Juin 07

New Frontiers paper: diffusion imaging

 We have a new paper in « Frontiers in Neuroscience: Brain Imaging Methods« . Great work from Lucile Brun, Alexandre Pron and Julien Sein, looking at the imact of acquisition and pre-processing methods in diffusion MRI. See the publication section.

Mai 06

Three new publications

Congratulations to Julien and Amine who scored three new papers at once in the context of their FRM project in collaboration with F. Rousseau on the topic of cortical development and neonatal stroke. One of the papers appears in Developmental Biology. The two other ones will be presented at the EMBC conference in Berlin (July …

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Jan 07

Two new publications

We start the year with two new papers. One is a book chapter presenting Hamed Rabiei’s work on local spectral analysis of shapes and gyrification index. The second will be published in Cortex and presents some work done with Adrien Meguerditchian’s team about neural correlates of handedness in non-human primates, specifically baboons.

Oct 08

New paper in Resuscitation

More work from Lionel on the pronostic of cardiac arrest recovery, published in Resuscitation. See the Publications section.

Sep 17

New paper in Brain Structure and Function

Guillaume Auzias just published a new paper in Brain, Structure, and Function. In a collaboration with J. Lebenberg at Neurospin, they used Guillaume’s DISCO registration method to align preterm, infant, and adult brain images. See the publications section.

Juin 05

New paper in Frontiers in Neuroscience, Brain Imaging Methods

Julien pursues his work on spectral analysis of surfaces with the SPANOL method, just published in Frontiers in Neuroscience, Brain Imaging Mthods. See the publications section.

Mar 21

Three new papers

We have three new papers just accepted. Sylvain contributed to a study published in Scientific Reports. Lionel is part of a collaboration with R. Stevens (Johns Hopkins University School of Medecine) that led to a first paper in Radiology. Guillaume and Olivier have an ongoing collaboration with Y. Leguen and V. Frouin (Neurospin Center, Paris) …

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Mar 14

New paper in Neuroimage

Julien has just published a paper on cortical development and prematurity in collaboration with Jessica Dubois, David Germanaud, and others. Another application of spectral analysis. See the publications section.

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