Lab Retreat, September 2018, Carry-Le-Rouet.

Permanent researchers

Olivier Coulon, team leader
CNRS Research Director, HDR
Julien Lefèvre

AMU Assistant Professor, HDR

Lionel Velly

AMU & La Timone Hospital Professor-practitioner, HDR


Sylvain Takerkart

CNRS Research Engineer (also in BaNCo team)

Guillaume Auzias
CNRS research fellow (also in SCALP team)
Pierre Simeone

La Timone Hospital, Medical practitioner


 PhD Students

Rohit Yadav
Maxime Dieudonne
 Steven Jia

Research Engineers

 Alexandre Pron




Previous Members

  • Laura Bruhn (ex Erasmus Master student)
  • Kep Kee Loh, now a postdoctoral fellow at McGill University, Montreal Neurological Institute.
  • Tianqi Song
  • Duy Anh Philippe Pham (ex M2 intern)
  • Abdelhadi Essamlali (ex M2 intern)
  • Aya Al Masri (ex M2 intern)
  • Ines Yahi (ex M1 intern)
  • Lamyaa Goulahsen (ex M2 intern)
  • Jeanne Abitbol (exM1 intern)
  • Ahmed Bahri (ex M2 intern)
  • Mohamed Ouerfelli (ex M2 intern)
  • Nathan Buskulic (ex M2 intern)
  • Clémentine Bodin, now postdoctoral fellow in the BaNCo team
  • Patty Coupeau (ex M2 intern).
  • Amine Bohi, now a postdoctoral fellow at the LIS laboratory, Marseille.
  • Joseph Fournier (ex medical L3 intern)
  • Irène Kaltenmark, now an assistant professor at Paris 5 university.
  • Guillaume Vicaigne (ex M2 intern)
  • Mélanie Bratulic (ex L3 intern)
  • Elissa Feghaly (ex M2 intern)
  • Hamed Rabiei, now postdoctoral  research fellow, Neurochlore, Marseille, France.
  • Lucie Thiébaut, now research and developmenty engineer, Surgivisio, Grenoble, France
  • Lucile Brun, now research engineer, Olea Médical, La Ciotat, France.
  • Antonietta Pepe, now postdoctoral fellow, Institut des Maladies Neurodégénératives, Bordeaux.
  • Marion Le Mao (ex M2 intern)
  • Kheira Pouvreau (ex L3 intern)
  • Mikhael Azilinon (ex M1 intern)
  • Fawzi Rida (ex M2 intern)
  • Yih-Dar Shieh (ex M2 intern)
  • Laurent Doiteau (ex M2 intern)
  • Aymane Souani (ex M2 intern)