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Juin 05

New paper in Frontiers in Neuroscience, Brain Imaging Methods

Julien pursues his work on spectral analysis of surfaces with the SPANOL method, just published in Frontiers in Neuroscience, Brain Imaging Mthods. See the publications section.

Mai 09

New paper in Cerebral Cortex

A new paper about the heritability of sulcal pits has been published in Cerebral Cortex. It is the result of a collaboration with Y. Le Guen and V. Frouin, from the CEA/Neurospin Center. Check outr the Publications section.

Déc 29

The MeCA website is back

Due to technical problems the MeCA website has been down for a while and we lost quite a bit of information. It is now back. We expect all pages to be complete within a short time.