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The MarsAtlas cortical parcellation of Colin27 in the MNI space

MarsAtlas is a model of cortical parcellation. It can be applied to any cortical surface via the HipHop parameterization pipeline, available in the BrainVisa Cortical Surface Toolbox, under the Anatomy category.

MarsAtlas has been developed in collaboration with Andrea Brovelli and Guillaume Auzias at INT.

You can get details on the MarsAtlas page. A version also including subcortical structures is also presented in the MarsAtlas + subcortical page.

For researchers who want to have directly access to a version of MarsAtlas in the MNI space on a reference subject (for instance to use with SPM or FSL), we present here a parcellation of the Colin27 average brain in the MNI space. The parcellation and the procedure used to build it are given below.


You can download a zip file following this link. Once unzipped the file contains :

  • colin27_MNI.nii : This is the nifti version of the original 1x1x1mm^3 Colin27 average brain (1998). This file has been downloaded from the Montreal Neurological Institute BIC Atlases page. A full description and the file itself can be found directly on their Colin 27 Average Brain 1998 page.
  • colin27_MNI_MarsAtlas.nii : The parcellation itself, with cortical and subcortical structures, in the same space and same resolution than the original colin27 average brain.

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