Jan 07

A whole new bunch of publications !

Several papers have been published in 2020 without being announced here.

See the list on publication sections !

Fév 22

New publication

Some members of MeCA are part of the PRIMatE Data Exchange (PRIME-DE) Global Collaboration Workshop and Consortium, and are coauthor of the recent paper published in Neuron and presenting the future of the PRIME-DE initiative. See the Publications section.

Jan 08

New Doctors !

Two new doctors in the team ! Congratulations to Clémentine Bodin and Alexandre Pron who successfully defended their PhD recently.

Alexandre defended on November 15, 2019. His thesis is entitled: « Étude de la connectivité structurelle des faisceaux d’association courts de la substance blanche du cerveau humain en IRM de diffusion »

Clémentine defended on December 6, 2019. Her thesis is entitled « Anatomo-functional investigation of the vocal cortex in primates ».

Juil 09

New paper

Another paper from Julien and his collaborators (F. De Guio, D. Germanaud), to appear in Frontiers in Neurology. See Publication section.

Juin 07

New Frontiers paper: diffusion imaging

 We have a new paper in « Frontiers in Neuroscience: Brain Imaging Methods« . Great work from Lucile Brun, Alexandre Pron and Julien Sein, looking at the imact of acquisition and pre-processing methods in diffusion MRI. See the publication section.

Mai 06

Three new publications

Congratulations to Julien and Amine who scored three new papers at once in the context of their FRM project in collaboration with F. Rousseau on the topic of cortical development and neonatal stroke. One of the papers appears in Developmental Biology. The two other ones will be presented at the EMBC conference in Berlin (July 2019).

Avr 02

Workshop GEANT: Data Management and Sharing in Neuroinformatics

The french node of INCF is organizing a workshop on Data Management and Sharing in Neuroinformatics. See annoucement below. Register and contribute !




Workshop on Data Management and Sharing in Neuroinformatics

The management of large and heterogeneous data has become essential for researchers interested in modelling and data analysis in neuroscience. Furthermore, both funder mandates and the requirements of multicentre studies and other collaborations impose a need to share and reuse data produced in humans and animals.
Organised by the INCF French node (International Neuroinformatics Coordinating Facility), the aim of the workshop is to discuss the needs, solutions and resources available to participants for data management and sharing, then to identify the roadblocks to be lifted and to consider solutions.

Tuesday May 21 2019, 9-18h

Amphitéâtre d’Odontologie, Faculté de médecine, 27 bvd Jean Moulin, 13005 Marseille

Registration / participation
Registration is free. Active participation is encouraged (talk, poster, demo):
Online registration

With sessions dedicated to:
Bioinformatics for neuroscience
Imaging microscopy
Computer/data science solutions for neuroinformatics

Confirmed speakers:
Frédéric Barthélemy (Juelich Research Center), Olivier Coulon (INT, CNRS-Aix-Marseille Université), Andrew Davison (NeuroPSI, CNRS-Paris Saclay University), Stanley Durrleman (Inria/Institut du Cerveau – Aramis Lab / Centre de Neuroinformatique), Junji Ito (Juelich Research Center), Camille Maumet (Inria, Univ Rennes, CNRS, Inserm), Chris van der Togt (Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience, Amsterdam)

Jan 07

Two new publications

We start the year with two new papers. One is a book chapter presenting Hamed Rabiei’s work on local spectral analysis of shapes and gyrification index. The second will be published in Cortex and presents some work done with Adrien Meguerditchian’s team about neural correlates of handedness in non-human primates, specifically baboons.

Jan 07

New Team Member

We welcome Kep Kee Loh, who has joined the team for two years as a post-doc. He will be working on models for comparative anatomy between non-human and human primates. Kep Kee is funded by the Institute for Language, Communication and the Brain. Welcome !

Oct 23

New team member

We are welcoming Tianqi Song, who joined us for a PhD supervised by Olivier, and will be working on the detection of plis-de-passage on the cortical surface.

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