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Jan 09

The MarsAtlas-Colin27-MNI volume-based parcellation is available

We have just realeased a volume-based version of the MarsAtlas cortical+subcortical parcellation in the MNI space. It has been generated from the Colin27 Average Brain. See the page for more details.

Sep 07

MarsAtlas is now part of the IntrAnat Electrodes software

MarsAtlas is part of the IntrAnat Electrodes software developed by Olivier David’s team. It is the anatomical parcellation used for localizing intra-cranial electrodes in epileptic patients, and it is the anatomical reference for the F-Tract probabilistic functional connectivity atlas built from 174 patients. Go and read about this very interesting project on the Functional Brain …

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Déc 31

New paper in Journal of Neuroscience

A paper has been accepted in Journal of Neuroscience, that makes use of MarsAtlas, MEG and SEEG data to characterize the dynamic reconfiguration of visuomotor-related functional connectivity networks. See the publications section.