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  3. MarsAtlas is now part of the IntrAnat Electrodes software — 7 septembre 2017
  4. New paper in Brain, Structure and Function — 25 juillet 2017
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Jan 10

Two papers accepted at the ISBI 2017 conference

MeCA will present two papers at the ISBI 2017 conference in Melbourne, Australia, April 18-21. One paper is by Lucie Thiébaut, on the projection of fMRI data on the cortical surface, the other is a collaboration with Yann Leguen and Vincent Frouin, from the Neurospin center, and is about the genetics of sulcal pits. See …

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Déc 31

New paper in Journal of Neuroscience

A paper has been accepted in Journal of Neuroscience, that makes use of MarsAtlas, MEG and SEEG data to characterize the dynamic reconfiguration of visuomotor-related functional connectivity networks. See the publications section.

Déc 31

New paper in IEEE TMI

Hamed has got a paper accepted in IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging, about new gyrifiction indexes using spectral analysis. Well done ! See the publications section.

Déc 29

The MeCA website is back

Due to technical problems the MeCA website has been down for a while and we lost quite a bit of information. It is now back. We expect all pages to be complete within a short time.

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